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Trustful IT Service Providers In Dubai

Supports customers to solve Technical Issues  in cloud infrastructures

What does Sharp logic do?

We sell complete range of latest technology IT products, networking devices, hardwares, and softwares. We provide IT Support & Cloud Solutions for Small & Mid-Sized Businesses in Dubai. We also offer professional grade IT support right at your doorstep. Our friendly technicians with years of experience ensure delivery of reliable IT solutions for either your personal or business needs.Your best protection against losing work or personal data is to have that data copied in many places.

How much do your services cost?

Und-1 We offers  professional grade IT support right at your doorstep. Our friendly technicians with years of experience ensure delivery of reliable IT solutions for either your personal or business needs. We are highly responsible for confidential servicing of your network adminstration at affordable cost .

Does Sharp logic has Experience and Expertise team ?

Sharp logic has highly responsible experienced and expertise team to trouble shoot all your web issues.The sharp logic provides centralized and integrated technical services including the provision of consultation and advice on the use of computer facilities. It evaluates suitable equipment and software so that it can keep pace with developing technology in order to better serve the community.Our team are expertise by solving all technical issues related to whole your web installation and maintenance process. The service helps customers use our products and features. With pay-by-the-month pricing and unlimited support cases, customers are freed from long-term commitments.

Extend your Basic warranty Services ?

Consider a Software Product Protection plan, or an extended warranty from the computer’s manufacturer. If your hardware fails, these can enable service beyond the automatic warranty period, or for damage not covered by the manufacturer  or provide international support beyond the basic level .

What types of issues are supported ?

Sharp logic Support covers development and production issues for all products and services, along with other key stack components. Our Best practices will  help you successfully integrate, deploy, and manage applications in the cloud, Troubleshooting API and SDK issues, Troubleshooting operational or systemic problems with resources, Issues with our Management Console or other  tools , Problems detected by Health Checks, A number of third-party applications such as OS, web servers, email, databases, and storage configuration.

Repairing Service Supports ?

bt_computer_service20130930143224-shutterstock_93892294Hard drive installation , RAM memory installation, laptop display panel installation, Windows or Mac OS installation/setup, Dell/Apple warranty repairs, we service all brands  .

How does our enhanced Support tiers different from Basic Support ?

Our  Basic Support offers all customers access to our Resource Center, Service centers, Product FAQs – at no additional charge. Customers who desire a deeper level of support can subscribe to Sharp logic Support team .Customers who choose sharp logic Support gain one-on-one, fast-response support from us. Customers with operational issues or technical questions can contact a team of support engineers and receive a predictable response times and personalized support.